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2020 Annual Conference

June 23-25, 2020

Western U.S. venue to be
announced later this fall

Advanced Training for Transitional Ministry

Conference Presenter:
Further details coming soon

WS 1
"Contracting, Covenants and Pre-entry Practices"
Peter Alexander, Presenter

The title says it all! Join Peter as he guides participants through these important first steps for an Intentional Interim Ministry call.

WS 3
"The Big Transition: Discovering a Missional Mindset for a Post-Christian Church"
Peter Alexander, Presenter

Transition is key to intentional interim ministry. Peter will shed some light on mission in the church.

WS 4
"Using 'Centered Flexibility' in Crisis or Major Transitions"
Beth Marie Halvorsen, Presenter

How do you help a congregation better process traumatic events or significant changes? How do you create a vocabulary to help people catch themselves or to call for more productive behavior? In what ways can we shape people according to four virtues that Jesus embodies? Beth Marie will introduce a simple, profound, and effective tool called "The Virtue Lens."

WS 7
"Organizational Learning and the Intentional Interim Pastor (Theory)
Martin Lee, Presenter

Participants will explore how intentional interim pastors can use organizational learning theory to improve knowledge coordination in local congregations and avoid fueling conflict, chaos, and concentrations of power. This workshop will encourage the use of Organizational Learning and Knowledge Management as a resource to bless and build up ministry teams in their collaborative work of service and proclamation. At the conclusion of the workshop the participants will be able to:

  1. Present a theological basis for utilizing organizational learning and knowledge management in a ministry setting.
  2. Understand three classical organization learning theories (Experiential Learning Theory, Adaptive and Generative Learning Theory, and Assimilation Learning Theory), their strengths, similarities and differences.
  3. Recognize the value of both explicit and tacit knowledge.
  4. Understand why, how, and under what circumstances, people share knowledge.
  5. Appreciate the integral role of the Intentional Interim Pastor in promoting learning through knowledge management and sharing across ministry teams.
  6. Become aware of various obstacles and costs for individuals and teams to share knowledge.
  7. Appreciate the role of criticism, self-criticism, and the ethic of care in the learning process.

WS 8
"Cultivating Learning during the IIM Assignment" (Practicum)
Martin Lee, Presenter

Participants will build on the concepts from Organizational Learning and the Intentional Interim Pastor workshop. This workshop will offer practical tools and techniques to add to the intentional interim ministry practitioner's tool box. The practical tools will include an array of NALIP (National Association of Lutheran Interim Pastors) training and Human Performance Technology (HPT) tools and techniques. At the conclusion of the workshop the participants will be able to:

  1. Develop a theological basis for the intentional interim pastor's use of "unholy" tools in incarnational ministry (e.g. the sacred and the profane, faith active in love).
  2. Attain greater mastery of existing intentional interim ministry tools and techniques.
  3. Gain an appreciation for empirical (HPT) tools and techniques, such as visual mapping tools, organizational flowcharts, and Pareto's Prioritization Chart.
  4. Become more confident when leading the learning process for individuals and groups through increased mastery of learning and knowledge management tools and techniques.
  5. Improve one's own approach to knowledge sharing as it relates to the intentional interim ministry process design.

WS 9
Timm Griffin, Presenter

A resource designed to be used in a meeting of the congregational leadership and/or in the Cottage Meeting format. It enables a small group in the course of one meeting to renew its focus as to why God created the local church in general and to begin to focus on what the specific purpose of their congregation is within the context of its nature, resources and location. FOC-US addresses the following issues of the Interim:

  1. Make initial and early connections for the IIP with as many individual congregational members as possible.
  2. Provide an outline of what Christ's design for His people as a church needs to be.
  3. Begin to replace the negative spirit of a church (which is normally resident in a congregation in need of an Intentional Interim) with a more positive vision and hope at the grass roots level of the membership.
  4. Swing the focus of purpose and hope toward Christ, and not ourselves and/or others.
  5. Help to identify the congregation's positives in its history, and to also identify what is still going right in the local congregation.
  6. Give voice to the negative perceptions, history and issues presently at work in the congregation in a setting conducive to reducing angst and to replacing it again with hope for the future of the congregation.
  7. Create an environment which helps focus the congregation on the Lord's specific purpose for their congregation to serve and to continue in service in their specific locality.
  8. Open the door for the raising up of new voices and leaders within the congregation, as well as for the better incorporation of those already in leadership, to be utilized in solving problems and in becoming a more synchronously functioning body of Christ.
  9. Create a resource base of people willing to be used by Christ, and His Church, in possibly serving on the Interim Task Force.
  10. Identify the possibilities of each member as to where individually they may and should serve in their God-given calling within the ministry of the local congregation.

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2020 Annual Conference

June 23-25, 2020

Western U.S. venue to be
announced later this fall

Additional information
coming soon...