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On behalf of its Member Associations, NALIP supports and renews Lutheran congregations in transition.

NALIP-Sponsored Educational Opportunities

In 2019, the National Association of Lutheran Interim Pastors celebrated the 25th anniversary of its founding by a small group of visionary interim pastors.

Intentional Interim Ministry is a focused approach for guiding congregations through transitions. The loss of a long-term pastor, misconduct, death of a leader, conflict, the need to clarify mission in changing circumstances ... these and other challenges may confront congregations in the time between regularly-called pastors. Dealing with such unfinished business during the interim time helps prepare a congregation for a successful ministry with its next called pastor.

Intentional Interim Ministry is not simply maintenance ministry while the Call Process unfolds. It is ministry with specific "intentions" to be accomplished - goals identified by a synod/district process, by an intervention team, or by the congregation's own leaders during an agreed-upon period of time. Over the past three decades, tools and processes been developed and utilized for bridging, in a highly productive way, the time between called or for moving the congregation or ministry organization into its next chapter.

In 2018 the National Association of Lutheran Interim Pastors will celebrate its 28th anniversary of its founding by a small group of visionary interim pastors. An important component of their dream was to produce an interim training curriculum that would include a specifically Lutheran context and a connection to our national Lutheran church structures and policies. That vision has borne fruit. In 2019 the NALIP organization began transitioning to LuTMA (Lutheran Transitional Ministry Association). LuTMA is pleased to announce upcoming educational opportunities for Lutheran Intentional Interim Ministry.

Basic Courses


This is a six-month program divided into three sequential phases.

The LuTMA (Lutheran Transitional Ministry Associates) [formerly NALIP] Basic Education curriculum is designed to introduce and train clergy and lay professionals in the practice of intentional interim ministry. Although set in the context of Lutheran theology and polity, the event will benefit all lay leaders and clergy desiring and/or called to this special transitional ministry in congregations and other ministry organizations.

This course is designed in three phases covering a period of about six months. The first and third phases are in-residence, beginning at 1:00 p.m. on Monday and concluding at noon on Friday with a total of at least 60 contact hours.

Phase I is a residential week focusing on the theory, theology, leadership skills and congregational systems related to intentional interim ministry. We examine the interim journey through scenarios (propositional learning) including the dynamics of pre-entry, entry, stages and tasks of the congregation, emotional systems, conflict, grief, power structures, and leadership skills necessary to lead the congregation, and exiting/closure issues.

Phase II is a six month experience in a parish or institutional setting, ideally in a transition, in which the participant in this program "puts into practice" the material learned in Phase I. During this time, the participant practices contracting (covenanting), works on personal learning goals, and writes critical incident reports, and other reflection papers all under the supervision of an experienced trainer and in consultation with other members of the class.

Phase III is the second residential week in which, through a group process, the participant shares critical incident reports, reviews material learned in Phase I, learns more about the dynamics of congregations in pastoral transition, and the necessary skills needed to lead them. Students will also discuss the biblical and theological connections in this special ministry as specifically related to the Lutheran church.

Note: Participants are responsible for having a situation in which to complete Phase II requirements. While most participants in the program will have a ministry site, some may not. NALIP program faculty will help you define options available for your Phase II work.

All participants who satisfactorily complete the assigned work in this educational opportunity will receive a "Certificate of Completion." Participants are cautioned that completion of the program is not to be construed as "certification" or "accreditation" as an intentional interim pastor. You are advised to speak with your district president or synod bishop about placement and further recognition.

Persons interested in enrolling in a LuTMA sponsored Basic Education Events are advised to visit the website of the respective institutions at which these events are scheduled to learn more about the learning setting. Housing and meal costs vary with each venue. Additional costs are noted with the individual registration forms. Some classes register directly with the venue. Others register through LuTMA. The links below will take you to the correct form to use or direct you to the venue to register.

Event subject to cancellation if enrollment fails to meet necessary minimum number of registrations thirty days before scheduled start date.


  • California-Nevada-Hawaii District – Livermore, CA
    • Phase I — Feb. 3-7, 2020
    • Phase III — August 17-21, 2020

  • Open Enrollment - Minnesota
    • Phase III — April 20-24, 2020 (Mt. Olivet Retreat Center, Farmington, MN)
    • Phase I — TBA – October, 2020 (Luther Seminary, St. Paul, MN)
    • Phase III — TBA – April, 2021 (Mt. Olivet Retreat Center, Farmington, MN)

  • Northeast Ohio Synod, Stow, OH
    • Phase I — March 16-20 2020
    • Phase III — November 9-13, 2020

  • Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, MO
    • Phase I — April 20-24, 2020
    • Phase III — October 19-23, 2020

  • PSD / Pacifica Synod – Irvine / Santa Ana, CA
    • Phase I — September 21-25, 2020
    • Phase III — April 19-23, 2021


  • Basic Education Events (includes all three phases) are $1250. Fees need to be paid in full prior to Phase I because of contractual agreements with the trainers.
  • On-site lodging and meals is additional and depends on the costs charged by the specific venues. These costs change annually. The Seminaries prefer to charge each student while the retreat centers normally will have a group contact with NALIP. Options will be noted on the event registration forms.

A limited number of scholarships are available for Basic Education Events.
Please click here for more information.


  • California-Nevada-Hawaii District – LCMS (Livermore, CA): Online Registration

  • Open Enrollment - Minnesota
    • Phase I — Luther Seminary (St. Paul, MN); enrollment link coming soon
    • Phase III — Mt. Olivet Retreat Center (Farmington, MN): Online Registration

  • Northeast Ohio Synod: Contact Rev. Karl Biermann at

  • By mail:
    Rev. Sherrie Hofmann
    116 Greenbriar Rd.
    Littleton, NC 27850


NALIP seeks additional venues for the educational events and encourages district or synod sponsorship for the training. This will reduce the travel costs for pastors seeking this important educational experience. If interested, please contact the NALIP office about possible arrangements.

California-Nevada-Hawaii District, LC-MS, Livermore, CA

Training Location

CNH District Ministry Center
2772 Constitution Dr # A
Livermore, CA 94551
(925) 245-4000

Hotel Accommodations

Hampton Inn Livermore
2850 Constitution Drive
Livermore, CA 94551
Phone: 925-606-6400

Use code LMA when making reservations.
Website link to make reservations: www.staylivermore.com

Single occupancy, Mon – Wed: $159; Thurs – Sun: $139 plus taxes & fees
Double occupancy, Mon – Wed: $169; Thurs – Sun: $149 plus taxes & fees
Complimentary hot breakfast.
48-hour cancellation policy.
Reservation Cut-Off: Thursday, January 30, 2020

Luther Seminary (St. Paul, MN) - Phase I

Training Location

Hotel Accommodations

Mt. Olivet Retreat Center (Farmington, MN) - Phase III

Training Location

Hotel Accommodations

Northeast Ohio Synod

Training Location

St Stephen Lutheran Church
3725 Kent Rd.
Stow, OH 44224

While pastors in this class will come primarily from the Northeast Ohio Synod, the training is open to all interested pastors. The synod office staff will handle the registration and receive your payment for the training.

For further information please contact:
Northeast Ohio Synod
The Rev. Karl Biermann, Assistant to the Bishop of the Northeast Ohio Synod
(330) 929-9022, ext 31

Hotel Accommodations

Hotel information is available from the synod office above.


Deposit and Registration: Fifty percent of the tuition (and room/board) is required with your registration at least 30 days prior to an event. Full payment is due three weeks prior to the first day of the event. Tuition cannot be refunded after the beginning of an event.

Cancellations: A full refund will be granted if NALIP or a co-sponsoring institution is notified of a cancellation more than three weeks before the opening date of the NALIP event. Cancellations less than three weeks prior to an event will result in a cancellation fee equal to 25% of the event tuition. Registrations are limited and accepted on a first-pay basis. If NALIP cancels an event, full payment will be refunded. All fees, terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.

Transfers: If a registrant determines that it is necessary to change class dates or venues and wishes to participate in training at a different time and/or venue, there will be a $50 fee for the change. Registrants are encouraged to complete Phase II work with their Phase I faculty prior to transferring for the final phase. If transfer is due to the cancellation of a class by NALIP the transfer fee will be waived. Other transfer requirements may apply.

Attendance: Participants are expected to attend all sessions of an event from the beginning time to its conclusion. It is important, especially for commuters, to have pastoral coverage arranged prior to your attending the event. A certificate of attendance/completion will not be given to anyone who misses any portion of a session.

Materials: Depending on the event, you will be provided resource materials electronically and participants are expected to bring a laptop for use in the training. a workbook or handout material. A required and suggested reading list will be emailed following registration. The purchase of books and other reading material recommended will be the responsibility of participants.

Room and Board: Some of our events are scheduled with room and board available. Each site has different costs and requirements for payments. We will convey to you the information from the site about availability and cost. Any dietary or other special needs must be handled between the participant and the site staff.

Association Membership: ELCA and LC-MS participants in NALIP educational events are strongly encouraged to become members of their respective denominational interim ministry organizations – Interim Ministry Association – ELCA or Interim Ministry Conference – LC-MS. Further information about dues and membership is available on the Members page of this web site.

Additional Information
Individual and judicatory inquiries are welcome.

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Keynote Speaker: Reggie McNeal

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